Christina; witch, Celtic polytheist, follower of the Morrigan and Cernunnos. Purveyor of tarot, oracle, and pendulum readings via PayPal. Lover of the forest. Check out READINGS link to the left to order a reading.
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I’m Canadian.

(To clarify: I don’t think we have an equivalent to OSHA in Canada. My older sister got to take her wisdom teeth home. My mom still has them, actually. However, that was about 10 years ago so the policy may have changed. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to ask.)

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Hey I was wondering, what are some flowers that the Morrighan would enjoy? I don't have any money to buy books on her and there aren't that many good online sources about it :c



Hello, I also worship the Morrigan :)
This is a list of offerings for her.

Red wine
Juniper berries
Elder berries
Dragons blood

UPG here but I after I’m done with whatever martial activity I’ve been engaging in I will pick daisies from the “battlefield” (usually 9) and put them on her shrine in a vase.

UPG as well:

  • Any alcohol, but also any virgin alcohol (i.e. alcohol-free white wine did wonders for me; it’s the thought that counts, and I didn’t have any real wine on hand)
  • Apple juice/cider
  • Hard apple cider
  • White chocolate (she seems to really like it when I give it to her…)
  • Freshly-baked bread (especially anything with apples, hazelnuts, oats, or cinnamon)
  • Literally any alcoholic beverage. The gods all seem to love it. In fact, I’ve got some sherry and some saké I’m looking to give to her and Cernunnos later on)
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Crystal rainbow. Took the little ones out into the sun today!


Crystal rainbow. Took the little ones out into the sun today!

If you’re planning on ordering a reading, I’d wait about a week’s time


I’m getting my wisdom teeth out this Thursday, so I won’t be able to do much reading for about a week or so after. It all depends on my pain level and general conditions, but I still estimate the damage taking 7-10 days to actually heal.

If you’ve already ordered a reading, you’ll receive it sometime between now and tomorrow night.

Reading for Kristopher

My patron won’t communicate with me.

Problem: Queen of Vessels - Salmon
I’ll be honest with you, this is a difficult card to have in this slot, because it’s quite positive. From what I can see, you’re not being honest. Or perhaps there’s something even worse going on. Now this is just a possibility, and please don’t be upset: but whoever you’re communicating with may not actually be a deity. They could be dishonest. However, they could be a trickster god, for all I know. Anyway, honest is needed. So is self-sacrifice and generosity. You need to face your darkest past with bravery and grace. You may need some time to yourself right now, and that’s why they aren’t talking.

Solution: Knight of Vessels - Eel
Okay, this is getting easier. You don’t have a bad connection. You just need to take this quiet time and go on a little journey of self-discovery. The challenges you now face must be faced alone. Relying on a deity won’t teach you the necessary lessons. Like a parent refusing to aid a child with homework, you must face some battles alone. Strength comes from within, not without. You have all the tools and weapons you need within you.

Result: The Wanderer
Blind faith, my friend. You have to trust that this deity knows what they’re doing. Because it’s going to lead you to a new and brighter place. You’ll have to let go of the past — including aspects of it that you may not want to part with. But it’s necessary. You’re being called forward by your thirst for knowledge and truth. You have to leap into the unknown to achieve your goals. Trust that your deity will be there, the silent partner.

Reading for ladyhawke


Past: Three of Wands, Reversed
Your past relationships weren’t worth your energy or effort? At least, that’s what you felt like. The whole theme of this card is loss. So whether it was your own arrogance and pride that ended the relationship, or something else entirely, it ended, and it didn’t end well.

Present: Ace of Wands
You’re currently filled with a passion. A drive to seek out a new relationship, or even to fix an old one. You have the optimism and energy for it.

Future: Four of Pentacles
You’ll soon find a new and comfortable relationship. Security. You’ll meet this with a smile. Nothing dramatic will challenge you. What motion there is in the relationship will be in the form of a gentle sway.