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Sometimes trying to explain that the Morrígan is not a Maiden-Mother-Crone goddess to Pagans is like trying to explain evolution to Young Earth Creationists.


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Reading for Tanya

Future relationships

Past: Queen of Arrows - Swan
Separation and loss. Possibly a bad divorce or breakup? It brought lots of sorrow and misfortune. You must break old bonds from this past in order to move on.

Present: Three of Vessels - Joy
There’s currently a group celebration going on. Family, friends, something like that. The celebration of a safe return home, or a new home. Regardless, there’s a lot of cheer in your world right now.

Future: Ace of Vessels - The Waters of Life
I’ll be blunt: I don’t recommend you get into a relationship just yet. Spend the next few weeks - 3 months examining yourself and getting your own emotions in order. You need to balance your feelings and thoughts. The world is a harsh and terrible place sometimes, and we need to find happiness in it. But we can’t always rely on others for it. Find happiness within yourself before seeking it in others (that way, at least, you always have back-up fulfilment).

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Reading for Lydia

My love life and the rejuvenation of my stagnant romantic energy.

Where the plan begins: Ten of Pentacles
You’ve just recently completed something. Hard work has brought you success, and you deserve to enjoy it. I see you spending time with family. However, you need to start making plans for the future now. Already, you must start figuring out your goals: where do you want to be, and who do you want to be when you get there? What are you looking for in a partner? Spend this time making these plans.

How the plan is born and fostered: Six of Pentacles
Around September, not too far from now, you may have an opportunity at romance. The first aspect of it you’ll see is the risk. But in the past, others have taken risks on you. You have to take a chance in order to succeed.

What you learn from the first try-out: Seven of Wands
The need for open communication. By October/November, you’ll have realized this. People may try to undermine you, and though success is likely, the odds appear against you. You need to speak freely and openly with these people in order to hammer out all the badness between you.

The experience you gain from exploring the possibilities: King of Cups
This is a very encouraging card. If you take chances and remain honest with those around you, by winter you may have a relationship. Between you, there’ll be lots of generosity, creativity, but no small degree of seriousness. I wouldn’t call it a whirlwind romance, but I wouldn’t call it stoic, either. You both know your responsibilities. By winter, you should be making plans on a grand scale together.

What happens when you share your first findings: Ten of Swords
And I was wrong. So, you will have romance in the autumn/winter, but it’s just an exploration. By the new year, it may come to an end. However, this doesn’t mean it isn’t a relationship to invest in. Just because my cards say it’s doomed to end doesn’t mean it will. In addition, this card usually means that there will be an ending that leads to greater things. It’s the shedding of all you don’t need. While this likely means the relationship will end, it can also mean the end of another problem!

What brings it to fulfilment: Temperance
You need to stay calm and patient. You have talent, and you must use it. Relationships take time and care. Sometimes, people have to be coddled a bit. Try being a little more understanding. There are greater forces at work here, such as destiny (as corny as that sounds). Around springtime, you’ll need to remain patient and calmly work at both your personal self and your relationship(s).

How you manifest/produce it: King of Pentacles
Someone else will come into your life near the beginning of summer, end of spring 2015. Commanding, powerful, straightforward, and wise. A very intelligent person. A great friend, and wise if not cautious partner. Good for advice.

How it is received by others: The Star
This is my sign for hope. Summer solstice next year, I see you still without a relationship. But you must remain hopeful. A new person has just come into your life, and the possibilities are endless. Take what you’ve learned over the past year and try to extract some lessons from it.

A question you must consider: Nine of Pentacles
This year, don’t concentrate completely on romance. Your friends and family are here to help you. They’ve been by your side in the darkest of times, and have helped you through your worser moods. Make sure to spend time with them and acknowledge them.

Tarot spread by Caitlin Matthews.

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