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Also, happy Asexy Pagan Friday!

Also, happy Asexy Pagan Friday!

Went for a long walk today

Through the woods and along the road. Portal by Lights is the best song for it, I think. It felt so lovely to go to the forest and be amongst the flora and fauna…

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me doing practice readings while trying to learn a new divination system


me doing practice readings while trying to learn a new divination system

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Send your question via ask, all readings are done privately.

Some things to keep in mind:

  1. I haven’t done a full reading since late June, I’m offering these readings to practice and get to know my cards again.
  2. I might get stumped. If I do, I’ll try and brainstorm it out with you.
  3. If I feel uncomfortable with a question, I will let you know and ask if you have a different question.

Bring on the questions!


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Reading for Líriel

Aries - Self: The Hierophant
You’re obviously someone who knows what they believe in. You can sometimes be stubborn about it. You’re good at giving guidance and advice, and are often seen as a mentor or teacher of sorts.

Taurus - Resources & Money: The Moon, reversed
There’s lots of illusions and problems right now. Those who you rely on are liars and wicked folk. If someone offers you a deal that’s too good to be true, please refuse them. Because it is too good to be true. In extreme cases, this card can sometimes warn someone is into drugs, alcohol, or is clinically insane, leading to illusions.

Gemini - Communication: Nine of Cups, reversed
You and the people around you are of two different minds. While you may see yourself as successful, those around you may not. This card warns you to exercise your humility. When you reach a success, don’t see it as a plateau or a place to stop. See it as a milestone on the path you’re on, and keep reaching towards your best.

Cancer - Home: The World, reversed
You’re almost out of there. You’re nearing a time where you’ll be able to leave home, though you feel as if you should have done so a while ago (mostly because others did so before you). You’re nearing completion.

Leo - Pleasure, Romance, & Creativity: Page of Pentacles
Your romantic life is just in its infancy. There’s so much more to explore, and you want to, and you’re just starting to now. In your creative life, you’ll soon experience a few small gains. Though they’re tiny, take these victories and celebrate them! In romance, I see sex. Plain and simple. Exploring how pleasuring sex is.

Virgo - Health & Work: The Tower
There’s a very dramatic change along the way. It’s not going to be a chance you can control. It’s serendipitous, meaning it’s almost as if this change happened by chance. You’ll be in the right place at the right time, and suddenly, poof! — a sudden change for the better (especially regarding work). As for your health, all will seem positive once this change in environment comes.

Libra - Partnerships: Two of Swords
At the moment, you have to use your best multitasking abilities. Multiple people will need you to complete multiple tasks (some with overlapping deadlines). You’ll have the mental strength to do so, never you mind. In terms of a partnership, I can’t say quite yet (below, in the Capricorn position, I elaborate on this).

Scorpio - Sex, Death, & Money: Four of Pentacles
(Is it just me, or does “Sex, Death, & Money” sound like a movie title?) Your cash flow remains constant right now. Compared to everyone else, you’re doing just fine. You’re safe and secure financially. As for sex, whatever you’re experiencing right now, it’s going to remain the same — comfortable and easy.

Sagittarius - Far Horizons: Six of Swords
There’s a journey in your future. You’ve identified the problems in your life, and are taking the next logical step to getting past them. You’ll be walking away from something along the lines of a problematic relationship or a stressful job. Your journey will help you decide whether to cut your losses or try to make it work.

Capricorn - Career: Four of Swords, reversed
Okay now, you’re overloading yourself. You’ve taken on too many responsibilities, and you need some help. Find a partner to aid you with what you’re doing, or start saying “No” and risk disappointing some people. Saying “No” is fine when your well-being is at stake.

Aquarius - Friends: Ace of Swords, reversed
There’s some stress and tension right now that may interfere with your friendships. You and your friends are spending too much time thinking and not acting.

Pisces - What Is Hidden: The Emperor
Simply put, you must place logic over emotion. Pay special attention over who holds dominance and influence over you, and the roles you play in your own life. Then, act on your thoughts.